Continuous Software Quality Assurance.

We specialise in software delivery, bespoke test automation frameworks and consulting.


We provide leadership at every stage of the delivery pipeline. From strategy through to implementation.
Our mantra is to BUILD, DEPLOY, TEST and RELEASE on demand and with confidence.

Quality Assurance

Process driven quality assurance of in-house and offshore development. We can compliment your team to improve software quality, reduce release cycle duration and increase business confidence.


We champion a complete open source solution and can integrate with any continuous integration build server to achieve full test automation across all browsers and devices. Our approach is consistent for Web, Mobile, Tablet and API.


Our Automated Test Framework offers a consistent and unified approach for Web, Mobile, Tablet and API for Continuous Delivery.

The first step to continuous delivery is an effective automated build pipeline.

Our framework is 100% open source, can integrate with any Continuous Build Server and works with any Source Code Management repository.

Reporting of the build status is instantly familiar to QA, development and management.

The second step to continuous delivery is automated deployment.

Automating deployments reduces the effect of human error and reduces deploy time. Automation enables multi-branch and multi-environment releases.

Automated deployment drives every continuous integration process meaning QA, Development and Business can all operate in parallel.

The third step to continuous delivery is comprehensive automated testing.

Automated testing is core to Continuous Integration and can be complex, time consuming and difficult to maintain!

Our approach leverages open source technologies to develop a bespoke reusable Test Automation framework with the lowest total cost of ownership on the market.

The final step is releasing with confidence.

We deliver a best-of-breed aprroach to Automated Testing and Continuous Delivery. Our approach is a culmination of years of experience in QA and Software Engineering.

We support, integrate with and shadow the Development & QA teams to achieve confidence in each and every release.

Our Tool Belt

We champion continuous delivery through the correct use of best-of-breed technologies.

  • Languages & Platforms

  • Java (JVM Based)
  • Ruby (Ruby on Rails)
  • JavaScript
  • Mobile (iOS & Android)
  • Python
  • Groovy
  • Test Tools

  • xUnit
  • TestNG
  • WebDriver(GEB, Selenium)
  • Capybara
  • JMeter
  • eyglass
  • Continuous Integration

  • Bamboo
  • Jenkins
  • TeamCity
  • Cruise Control
  • TFS
  • GitLab
  • AWS CodePipeline
  • Deployment

  • Private Cloud
  • Amazon AWS
  • Windows Azure
  • Rackspace

Why us?

Do you have confidence in each and every release?
Amach's approach to Test Automation and Continuous Deployment make this possible.

Unified Approach

We remove the complexity of API, multi-browser and multi-device testing. Reusable and consistent technology testing stack across devices and browsers can be leveraged to closley mimic what is often a manual process.

Reduction in manual testing

Manual testing is time consuming and costly. It is a laborious process involving weeks of work and analysis of test scripts. Automated Testing can greatly reduce these costs. What can take weeks will take minutes and feedback is instant.

Increased ROI

Our solution results in instant ROI. We champion an open source technology stack meaning no licencing fees. Through automation, low maintenance costs and reduction of manual testing makes test automation achievable at a fraction of the regular cost.

Quality Assurance

Our approach will continuously provide a completely clear and objective quality statement based on a specific commit or build. Our process instills best practices, eases difficulties working with offshore teams resulting in improved software quality.

Seamless Integration

Our approach will work in any stack and will seamlessly integrate with any Continuous Delivery approach. Revenue generating code will be released faster with confidence.

Instant reporting

Instant reporting is possible at any stage of the build pipline giving both developers and business owners full transparency of automated testing progress. Instant detection of bugs in the delivery cycle mean an increase in sofware quality.

Leadership Team

Dan O'Brien COO

We are technology experts that drive best practices across the full SDLC, from ideation all the way to production.

Andrew Logan CEO

By considering your entire technology landscape, we will help you achieve a successful Digital Transformation.

Stephen Ryan CFO

Allow us to deliver a world class Architecture for you in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to do it yourself.

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